Looky Here!If high quality PLR articles and other types of website content is what you need for your blog or business website, Optimal PLR is here for you! I, Leila Rhoden, the owner of this site have sought out the best PLR writers and have purchased resell rights to these articles.

What makes Optimal PLR different from other PLR websites is that we offer well researched and carefully written articles on a myriad of different subjects in a ‘mix and match’ option – rather than buying a whole package of several articles on the same subject, here you can pick and choose from different categories and pay just $1.00 per page or post. You can also buy the PLR articles on a particular topic in packs of five to ten+ articles at a discounted price – and some of the packs have tweets included for each of the individual articles!

New offerings include PLR reports that you can edit and/or publish to resell as informative reports or eBooks – and many of these have ecovers included. The eBook/reports come with corresponding autoresponder emails that can be used as online ecourses.

How to use this site:

Above, on the menu bar, you will see the categories of available articles. Click on a category to go to the page that lists the article topics with the titles of the individual articles displayed in the box. You then click on either the title or on the image in order to go to the page where you can choose to buy the whole article pack or any of the individual articles. The article pack that is listed at the very top of the page are comprised of the articles that are listed individually below.

Most of the article packages have 10 articles – a few have more or less and it will say how many are included in those packs. You will see the “Add to Cart” button which when clicked, will add the desired product to the shopping cart that appears on the sidebar. And from there, you can safely check out via PayPal.

After checking out, you will receive an email with your product link(s) that will take you to Box.com where you download the articles you purchased.

For a good idea about the quality of the writing of the articles included for sale here, check out the posts on the sidebar that have been written by some of the same authors. And, as a service to you, they all relate to PLR and how you can use it for your blogs, websites, and other projects.

Thank you very much for stopping by. I have made every effort to make this site as easy to navigate as possible considering that there are well over 2,000 products listed here. That’s a lotta content for you to choose from!

Here are some recently added articles:

Christmas Nostalgia
Crafty Old-Fashioned Christmas Fun ~ Creating Holiday Traditions ~ Homemade Edible Gifts from the Heart ~ How to Have a Fun Old-Fashioned Christmas ~ Outdoor Family Fun This Christmas ~ Pure, Simple Holiday Decorating Ideas ~ Quick and Easy Holiday Treats the Kids Will Love ~ Quick and Easy Ideas that Create a Festive Mood ~ Retro Christmas Recipes Revival ~ Why Baking Is Good for the Soul.

Emotional Marketing
Building Customer Relationships That Last ~ Using Emotion in Marketing Communications ~ Emotional Marketing Online ~ Emotions and Customer Loyalty Go Hand in Hand ~ The Number One Emotion You Want to Trigger ~ Trigger Words to Use in Emotional Marketing ~ Understand Why People Spend Money ~ What Is Emotional Marketing? ~ Why Emotions Matter in Marketing ~ Why Engage in Emotional Marketing.

Bringing the Outdoors In
Adding a Tropical Twist to Your Home Decorating ~ Adding Sounds of Nature to the Home ~ Decorating with Dried Flowers and Other Living Things ~ Holiday Decorating with Natural Elements ~ Indoor Plants for Every Season ~ Materials That Bring Texture to a Room ~ Natural Lighting in Your Home ~ Reasons to Bring the Outdoors Indoors ~ Things You Can Bring in That Appeal to the Senses ~ Turning Natural Elements into Functional Items.

Parenting Tips
Extreme Parenting Moments That Are Funny Only in Hindsight ~ How to be Cool, Calm and Collected When Kids Push Your Buttons ~ How to Locate a Childcare Provider and Transition Them into Your Home ~ How to Train Your Childcare Provider to Meet Your Needs ~ Parent or Career - Why You Shouldn't Have to Choose Only One ~ Parents Need Time Outs Too - Knowing When to Step Back ~ Stop Managing Your Child's Life ~ Teaching Your Teen to Be a Gentleman ~ Teaching Your Teen to Be a Lady ~ Tips for Easing the Transition When Mommy Returns to Work.

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