36) Use PLR content to create Adsense sites – Adsense sites need to be content-rich in order to generate the traffic that will click on the Google ads. PLR content can be used to create such sites.

37) Create viral quizzes with the PLR content to test your audience’s knowledge – This helps create buzz and activity on your website which will in turn generate more traffic to your site as well.

38) Make available employee rights with your resell product – This will mean that your buyers’ employees are able to use the products or rights as well. Hence employers will grab this chance to buy your product.

39) Use the PLR content to promote an eBay store – With PLR content, there is no need for you to start brainstorming content from scratch. You can just re-write the PLR content for your own use to promote an eBay store.

40) Grant renaming rights with your resell product – This permits buyers to re-title the product to their desired title.

41) Use PLR content in your newsletter to your clients – Keeping in touch with your clients is important in building a good relationship with them. Hence you can use PLR content for easier communication with your clients through newsletters. With PLR content, there is no headache or head-scratching moments of trying to generate new content.

42) Include brandable rights with your resell product – This allows buyers to sell or giveaway your resell product with their advertisement in it. Hence this strategy may lure leads to invest in your resell product.

43) Use PLR content as a topic of conversation for coaching calls – With PLR content, you can easily prepare a session of coaching call with your clients.

44) Extend report rights with your resell product – By this you allow buyers to turn the product into an informational report.

45) Use PLR content in social media – Build a Facebook page that uses the material. In this way, you will be able to interact with your customers with discussions on the content, generating frequent activity and buzz.

46) Have follow up e-mails and its rights packaged with your resell product – This helps your buyers promote the product because they have instant follow up emails.

47) Use as bonuses – PLR materials can be used as unannounced bonuses for buying your products, giving your customers a pleasant surprise when they open your package. This helps to build rapport and your ‘likeability’.

48) Use as giveaways – PLR content can be used as a free giveaway for your long-time customers. This builds customer loyalty and ups your ‘likeability’ factor in the industry as well.

49) No-paying royalty rights with your resell product – This will motivate people to invest in your resell product because buyers won’t have to pay royalty fees for your product.

50) Spin an article into a “10 Best” list – You can use the PLR content to generate a viral report of “10 Best” list. This helps generate and drive more traffic to your site to view your products.

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