Book Publishing
Book Cover Design Considerations ~ Book Formats Available to Self-Publishers ~ Choosing the Best Format for Your Type of Writing ~ Choosing the Best Format for Your Type of Writing ~ How Long Should It Take to Write a Book and Other Common Questions from Aspiring Authors ~ How Long Should It Take to Write a Book and Other Common Questions from Aspiring Authors ~ Pre-Publishing Decisions You Need to Make ~ The Importance of Editing ~ Why and How to Outline Your Book ~ Writing Options Available
Are You a Freelancer or a Consultant? ~ How Much Should You Spend to Market Your Freelance Services? ~ How to Build Your Freelance Blog ~ How to Find More Great Clients ~ How to Find Your Ideal Client ~ How to Keep Your Best Clients ~ Ideas to Market Your Freelance Services ~ Managing Freelance Burnout ~ Managing Freelance Cash Flow ~ Time Management Tips for Successful Freelancers.
Job Seeking Tips
10 Tips For Mastering Interviews ~ Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone ~ Dress for Success ~ Employing A Career Coach ~ How Networking Can Help In Your Job Search ~ How Temp Jobs/Volunteering/Internships Can Help You Land A Permanent Position ~ If All Else Fails, Create Your Own Work ~ Strategic Planning Increases Your Chances Of Landing A Job ~ The Importance Of Follow-Up ~ Using The Internet In Your Job Search.
Positive Employment
Building a Positive Employer-Employee Relationship ~ Effective Ways to Help Employees Deal with Work Related Stress ~ How Positive Employee Relations Directly Affect Business ~ How to be Productive Throughout Your Day ~ How to Ensure Everyone is Pulling Their Own Weight ~ How to Lead by Example ~ How to Raise Your Employee’s Spirits ~ How to Work Effectively with Others ~ Steps for Dealing with Workplace Pettiness ~ The Power of Positive Employee Recognition.
Coping Strategies for Presentation Nerves ~ Different Types of Presentations ~ How to Build a Sales Pitch into Your Presentation ~ How to Get Your Audience Involved in the Presentation ~ How to Improve Your Presentations ~ It’s Not Just PowerPoint ~ Seven Common Mistakes When Making a Presentation ~ Ten Tips for a Successful Presentation ~ The Importance of Planning Your Presentation ~ What to Do If the Technology Fails
Work at Home
Can You Really Find a Lucrative Work from Home Position? ~ Creative Ways to Work from Home ~ Discipline and Working from Home ~ Drawing Boundaries When Working from Home ~ Dress for Success Even When Working from Home ~ How to Overcome Isolation When Working from Home ~ Marketing Your Work at Home Business ~ Networking to Promote Your Work from Home Business ~ Should You Stick with Your Day Job before Venturing into Working at Home? ~ Three Tips to Manage your Time When Working from Home.
Work at Home Jobs
Building Websites - Easier to Learn Than You Think ~ Copywriting: A Highly Lucrative Work-at-Home Profession ~ Earn a Generous Living by Transcribing from Home ~ A Few Examples of Work-at-Home Jobs ~ Finding Clients Using Message Boards ~ Finding Clients by Networking in Person ~ Earn $20 to $50 an Hour as an Online Writer ~ How to Learn a Marketable Skill in 30 Days ~ Finding Telecommute Jobs on Craigslist and Monster ~ Work-at-Home Scams: "Jobs" That Aren't Real Jobs.
Working with Others
Dealing with Anger at Work ~ Dealing with Bullying at Work ~ How to Best Cope with a Difficult Manager ~ How to Strike a Balance with a Work Partner When You Want Different Things ~ Strategies for Dealing with a Difficult Colleague ~ The Art of Saying No ~ Tips for Dealing with a Difficult Customer ~ Tips for Giving Constructive Criticism ~ Tips on How to Get Noticed the Right Way at Work ~ Tips on Receiving Criticism with Grace