Budgeting Tips
Buying Food on a Budget ~ Don't Buy What You Can Borrow ~ Fun Ideas for Homemade Piggy Banks ~ Gifts to Make with Your Children ~ How to Teach Your Kids about Money `~ Indoor Cheap and Fun Entertainment ~ Inexpensive Things to Do with Friends ~ Outdoor Cheap and Fun Entertainment ~ Staying Healthy ~ Using Coupons
Couponing - Great Money Saving Advice ~ Couponing - What to Look For ~ Enjoy Shopping More with these Couponing Tips ~ Feed Your Family for Less by Using Coupons ~ Getting Up to Speed in the World Of Couponing ~ How to Get the Best Savings with Coupons ~ Making the Most Out of Coupons ~ Quit Spending so Much and Start Saving with Coupons ~ The Best Coupon Tips ~ Use Coupons and Save Money.
Credit Repair
Bankruptcy – Things You Need to Know ~ Bankruptcy Alternatives ~ Credit Repair Disputes ~ Credit Repair- Getting Started ~ Credit Repair Mistakes to Avoid ~ Credit Repair Rights ~ Free Ways To Repair Your Credit ~ How To Get and Use a Credit Report ~ Rebuilding Your Credit ~ Should You Get Credit Counselling?
Debt Relief
How to Evaluate a Debt Relief Company ~ Is Debt Relief Better Than Bankruptcy ~ Little-Known Places to Save Cash to Pay Off Debt ~ Tax Debt Relief 101 ~ Techniques to Try before Seeking Professional Help ~ The "Do It Yourself" Debt Snowball Method ~ The Three Most Important Actions to Reduce Debt ~ Three Signs That It Might Be Time to Consider Debt Relief ~ The True Cost of Credit Consulting ~ What Is Debt Consolidation?
Financial Advice
Eating Your Way into Debt - The Cost of Eating Out ~ How to Avoid Financial Scams ~ How to Build Your Credit from Scratch ~ It’s Not Just about What You Buy, But When ~ Money Advice for Recent College Graduates ~ Planning Ahead to Get the Best Deals ~ Prioritizing Your Needs versus Your Wants ~ Simple Steps for Repairing a Poor Credit Score ~ Ways to Save Money When Shopping for Food and Household Goods ~ What to Do If You're Drowning in Debt
Financing Home Repairs
How to Finance Home Improvement Projects ~ Funding Home Repairs with Grants ~ Getting the Whole Family Involved in Raising Money for Home Repairs ~ How to Extend the Life of Your Appliances ~ How to Finance Replacing Large Home Appliances ~ Selling Services to Afford Home Repairs ~ The Pros and Cons of a Reverse Mortgage ~ Unique Ways to Finance Necessary Home Repairs ~ What to Do When You Can't Afford a Home Repair ~ What Can You Sell to Afford Major Home Repairs?
Frugal Living
Clothes Shopping on a Budget ~ How to Buy a Computer on a Budget ~ How to Cut Back Your Utility Bills ~ How to Find Good, Low-Cost Health Insurance ~ How to Negotiate a Car Purchase ~ How to Save Money on Cell Phones ~ How to Save Money on Fitness ~ How to Save Money on Health and Beauty Products ~ How to Use Online Banking to Save Money ~ Unique Ideas to Save Money on Groceries
Common Questions about Inheritance ~ Eight Complex Inheritance Problems ~ Five Common Inheritance Problems ~ How to Find Out If Someone Has a Will ~ How to Make the Most of Your Inheritance ~ Issues That Arise When You Inherit Property from Parents ~ Tips When You Inherit Something You Don't Want ~ What Happens to an Inheritance When There Is No Will? ~ What to Do When You Inherit Land ~ What to Do When You Inherit the Property You Live In
How Having Not Enough or Too Much Insurance Hurts You ~ How Insurance Companies Assess Risk ~ How Much Insurance Do You Really Need? ~ How to Know If Your Homeowner’s Insurance Is Up to Date ~ Insurance Buying Mistakes to Avoid ~ Tips for Lowering Your Homeowner’s Insurance Premiums ~ Weighing the Pros and Cons of Lower Insurance Deductibles ~ What Is Supplemental Insurance? ~ What Long-Term Care Insurance Really Buys You ~ Who Really Needs Personal Insurance Coverage?
Investing Your Money
Best Investments for Beginners ~ Creating an Investment Plan ~ Finding the Right Brokerage Company for You ~ How to Avoid Problems with Your Investments ~ 13 Mistakes Beginner Investors Make ~ Myths and Facts about Investing ~ Eight Tips from Investment Professionals ~ Tools to Help with Your Investment Decisions ~ Understanding Financial Statements ~ What You Need to Know about Investment Portfolios.
Are Self-Directed IRAs Too Good to Be True? ~ Eight Tips for Becoming a Better Investor ~ How to Roll Your 401(k) into a Self-Directed IRA ~ Is a Self-Directed IRA Really Worth the Effort? ~ Reasons Why Self-Directed IRAs Are Popular ~ Self-Directed IRA Myths and Risks ~ Steps to Take before You Start a Self-Directed IRA ~ Ways to Simplify Your Investing - What Is MyRA and Is It a Good Idea for You? ~ What to Expect When Meeting with a Financial Advisor for the First Time.
Personal Finance
Can You Live without Credit? ~ How to Avoid Using Credit Cards When You Are between Jobs ~ How to Track Your Credit Score More Effectively ~ Mobile Applications to Help You Manage Your Credit Card Debt ~ The Pros and Cons of Doing Your Taxes Yourself ~ The Pros and Cons of Guaranteed Savings Annuities ~ The Risks and Benefits of Micro Loans ~ What Is a Savings Challenge and How Do You Join One? ~ What’s the Best Way to Finance a New Car? ~ Which Is Safer - to Use a Debit Card or a Credit Card?
Mortgage Info
Eight Common Q & A from First-Time Home Buyers ~ Eight Ways to Save Interest on Mortgage Loans ~ How Much Does a Bigger Down Payment Save You in Interest? ~ How to Lower Your Mortgage Insurance ~ Pros and Cons of Paying Your Mortgage Off Quickly ~ Ten First-Time Home Buyer Mistakes ~ Ten Ways to Trim Your Mortgage Costs ~ When Is the Best Time to Refinance Your Mortgage? ~ Which Is Better — Overpaying Your Monthly Mortgage or Saving the Money?
Personal Budgets
`Advantages of Paying Bills on Time ~ Creative Grocery Shopping Tips ~ Cutting Expenses ~ Getting the Family Involved with Budgeting ~ Household Budgeting Basics ~ How a Budget can Help you Lower your Debt ~ Reevaluate your Policies Save Money with a Health Savings Account ~ Supplementing your Income ~ Tracking Income and Expenses.
Quick Cash
Are You Crafty? Earn Cash from Your Creations ~ Can You Really Make Quick Cash on eBay and Craigslist? ~ Earn Quick Cash as a Freelancer ~ Earn Quick Cash by Becoming a Reviewer ~ Earn Quick Cash by Recycling Your Old Electronics ~ How to Earn Cash Quickly with a Garage Sale ~ How to Leverage Amazon and Make Quick Cash ~ How to Make Fast Cash with What You Know ~ Leverage Your Time and Earn Quick Cash ~ Want to Earn Online Cash? Become an Affiliate Marketer.
Youth Debt
Car Insurance Rates for Young Adults Causing Additional Debt ~ Creative Ways to Pay Off Some of Those Student Loans ~ Do Male College Students Incur More Debt Than Female College Students? ~ Obtaining an Auto Loan: Good for Credit or Just a Myth? ~ Paying Off Student Loans with Credit Cards: The New Trend? ~ Talking with College Age Children about Financial Responsibility ~ Talking with Teens about Accruing Debt ~ The Benefits in Having Revolving Credit for Young Adults ~ Tips for Getting Out of Debt and Staying Out for Good ~ Tips for Getting Youth to Focus on Saving Not Spending.