How Often to Add New Content to Your WebsitePeople want information. They know that they can find it on the internet. But, can they find the newest and latest on your website?

Why We Visit the Internet

The information superhighway is open for business. When you want to know something, the easiest and quickest way to gain that knowledge is by connecting to the Web. From your phone, laptop or desktop – what you need is at your fingertips.

Unfortunately, much of the content on some sites is the same. It could be information that you have already discovered. For up-to-date content, you need to find a website which constantly changes its offerings. Those that are stagnant will soon be passed over for the ones who can supply what we want.

Your Website

To keep your website from becoming stagnant requires you to renew the content on a regular basis. If you are not a writer, this can seem like a tall order. When will you have time to write the content, edit it, post it and run other aspects of your business (if your website is used for business)? Even if you are a blogger, your following can wane if they keep reading the same stale articles.

Here are a few ideas to help you keep your website fresh:

  • Change content on a regular basis – Depending on your niche, this could be daily or weekly. If you are in the entertainment business that might be daily, since breaking news is always occurring. For niches like hobbies or service businesses, changing content every week gives readers time to thoroughly become familiar with it.
  • Archive content – Once your content changes, archive it into relevant categories so that new readers can look back and see what you have previously featured. This is not limited to content on the website. Do the same with newsletters, podcasts and video files. For a new visitor, this equals a wealth of information that they can find useful.
  • Schedule content – To make it easier to handle the content demands of a website and your customers, schedule content changes. Each week, upload the content that you will use for the following week, entering a specific day for it to be added to your website page. Performing this task a week at a time frees you up from having to upload it each day. You can also preview the content to see how it will look on the webpage before it goes live.
  • Buy PLR or hire a ghostwriting service – This can cost a bit but you can usually order as much or as little as you need. The benefit for non-writing website owners is that they have a professional to write content on their niche that they can use right away.

A well-trafficked website will have engaging and ever-changing content to keep visitors interested. It is easy to add new content when you schedule ahead of time and also outsource the writing work.