6. Look at a Variety of PLR Providers

You notice I didn’t just name the PLR Mini Mart. That’s because unlike many other businesses, we all work together to provide the online marketing community with what they need.

Many of us are affiliates for one another. We are in groups. So it’s common to see posts like this: “Hey guys: I have a customer who need Paleo Diet email autoresponders. Anyone have any?”

And the answers might be, “I think Tiff has some!” or “Yes, I have a 5-pack here, and you can give him this coupon code…”

It will be YOUR job to make sure that your online content funnel maintains a unified voice. That means if one PLR provider is stiff with his or her writing and another extra causal, your reader will not enjoy that.

7. Twist the PLR Slant

PLR is great for bending and breaking the rules. What I love to do sometimes is rant with it. For instance, if there’s a diet article about some insane restrictive diet, I might use it as curated content and then rant about how ridiculous it is.

So it might say, “The rabbit food diet will help you lose 10 pounds in 2 days,” and I might say, “First, you’re not a rabbit. Second, this is dangerous! You need a sensible meal plan like the Sensible Sally diet.” (Obviously, I’m exaggerating here but you see what I mean).

I can also o line by line and make it say the opposite of what it reads. So if the PLR says, “It will help your immune system,” I can say, “It won’t help your immune system.”

Of course, you want things to be factually correct based on what you believe ought to be taught.

8. Jack Product Launches as an Affiliate

Oh goodness. Launch Jacking is so foreign to people. People get so confused by this.

Launch jacking is simply getting content online before a product launches so that you’re indexed and ready to go with good rankings before it goes live. When it goes live and people start searching Google for it, there you are – with links going live on launch day!

You can use ANY PLR of the same niche to jack a launch. And you can use ANY launch jack PLR to jack any other launch or promote any other product.

So let’s say there’s a product come out in the insomnia niche. You want to promote it. You don’t need launch jack PLR just for that product. You simply do this:

Find some insomnia PLR to buy for your blog. Then tweak it to add the name of your launch jack product. So if it says, “You can get a good night’s rest by bettering your sleep environment,” you change that to say:

“As you’ll discover in Insomnia Solutions, you can get a good night’s rest by better your sleeping environment.”

You’ll be able to find out ahead of time much of what the product will cover. This goes for tangible items, too. If a new iPhone is coming out, consumers know the specs about it. So you could find iPhone PLR and then if it says something about storage space that’s from a 4S version, like “The 4S has X amount of storage space,” you can alter the PLR to say, “While the 4S has X amount of storage space, the 9S is said to have X amount of space.”

This works GREAT in the video game niche. Those rabid buyers want to devour the game before it’s even released. And if you can launch jack and get preorder sales, you’ll do well.

9. Stock Up During Sales

Sales for PLR are constant. You want to buy earlybird specials, dimesales, and other discount sales.

PLR itself is already a great, low price at $1 or so per page, so even if you can’t find a discount, it’s a value. But some sales go above and beyond. Many┬áproviders routinely do weekend sales, holiday sales, and random launch sales.

This is especially perfect if you’re like most marketers and plan to test a variety of niches. It’s a low investment to test a niche and see how it converts for you. If it doesn’t work out, then you haven’t paid what you would to a ghostwriter.

10. Outsource Your Rewrites

Many ghostwriters consider simple rewrites to be something easier. So they’ll charge much less than if you hired a ghostwriter to write from scratch.

Show them an example of what you mean by a rewrite – because some might go overboard and change the entire meaning. (We writers get nutty sometimes). Just tell them to really change it like a thesaurus, without changing the meaning.

Or, another thing you can do is start with a 5-page report, for example – and have them flesh it out into a 10-page report. They won’t change anything, just add to it.

This is great for blog posts, too. You might buy 400 word articles and have someone alter it to an 800-1,000 word article. It’s much cheaper and provides more value to your readers.

11. Use It for What It’s NOT Meant For

This sounds kind of sneaky. But oh well! You can use PLR for an “Instead of that, buy this” slant. Works for both tangible and digital PLR.

So you might buy one of my launch jack packs, for example. Let’s say it’s the Stillness Project launch jack PLR, which is on meditation. You could just use the review and disagree! Like this:

“Many people are buying the Stillness Project, which is touted to be…” (and then use the PLR promoting it). “But I believe you would enjoy a different product more. The blah blah blah has different features…”

Do this with tangible items, too. If you buy a pack of juicer reviews, for example, then you can use it as a comparison article or chart.

So if they say the Juicy Juice-o-Max has 8,000 horsepower and can eat a pineapple in one quick churn, you come back and say, “But I prefer the Juicer Deluxe 2400 Model, which can devour an entire coconut tree in 0.59 seconds.”

You get my point ­čśë

I hope these tips helped. Remember to flex your muscle with the PLR – don’t get boxed in under restrictions. Pretend your PLR is like Playdough sort of and you can mold it into anything you want!

Have any PLR questions? Ask me!

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