Powering Up the Use of Your PLRAs a PLR buyer, I love private label rights. It helps me get a fast boost in online content. But as a buyer, I feel bad that so many people don’t know how to use it so they either buy it and it sits unused on their hard drive or they steer clear of it out of total confusion.

I developed a list of 11 tips that I use to make the most out of PLR. I hope it helps!

1. Focus on the Niche, Not the Format

I see many people avoid content packs because the seller labeled it as “articles” or “reports” and they needed something different.

The first thing you need to know is that, as long as the rules permit it, you can focus on the niche topic and ignore what it was originally created for!

The reason I say to pay attention to the rules is because some PLR sellers (not me) will say you can’t put it inside membership areas, or can’t break it up or compile it.

To be honest, I avoid those sellers for the most part. I don’t want to have to remember a lot of complex rules about PLR that I buy. I want to just keep it simple.

Whenever I buy PLR, I look at the topic. I don’t even care what format it’s in. If it’s a report, I look at it and think, “A 15-page report? Awesome! That’s about 15 posts for my blog, or 15 emails for my autoresponder series.”

If it’s a set of 25 articles, I think, “Fantastic! I can compile it and offer it to my list as a report/eBook.”

2. Put It to Use ASAP

Here’s one thing that sets me apart. I don’t care how much I buy at one time, I get started using it right that second. Literally, the second I download it. I never let anything go to waste. I’ll pick that pack clean like a vulture before I’m done.

That does not mean you have to sit there and spend the next 3 days immersed in only PLR. I might use one page per day, but I DO start using it right that second.

If you have to, schedule it into your day. Like from 8-9 AM, it’s PLR Repurposing time, or whatever. Make it a habit. You’ll get faster and faster.

3. Easy Edit Tips

Editing just intimidates people so badly. All you need to do is a simple thesaurus-type rewrite. Do you HAVE to change things?


I only change what’s going online for search bots. So if I compile anything into an opt in report or viral report or book for sale, or if I use it as an email autoresponder or put it inside a membership area or on FaceBook, it’s not getting edited.

But if it’s for my blog, a forum post, article directory or G+, I edit. Sometimes I do a very light edit – changing the title, adding or editing the introduction paragraph, and adding or editing the closing paragraph – only.

Sometimes I do a complete rewrite, line by line, word for word.

So let me show you how easy it is. Here’s a sample paragraph from a PLR pack called A Guide to Pain Management:

The first thing you want to do is see what’s causing your headache pain. Is it stress? Your nutrition? Do you only get it after physical exertion, or when you fail to get a good night’s sleep? You might be able to manage your pain simply by making lifestyle changes.

All I do is go through one word at a time, but quickly, rewriting it. I read the sentence and write it in my own words. So it would look something like this:

Do you even know the root cause of your headache pain? You want to see if it’s stress or nutrition for starters. Keep track to see if it happens right after you exert yourself physically or maybe after a night spent tossing and turning. Some people find that little lifestyle tweaks make headache pain management a cinch!

4. The Best Way to Use PLR on Blogs

There are two ways to use PLR on blogs. Well, more I’m sure, but these are my two favorite ways. The first is just what you would do in step #3 – rewrite it, and voila! You have fresh content that you got from a springboard (PLR).

The second way is also awesome. It’s that buzzword you hear being thrown around – curation.

You see, most people think of curation as all wrong. Some think it’s stealing or scraping content. It’s not. Some think it’s quoting someone else’s entire article. It’s not.

But hold on there…in PLR, it IS that! You get to use the PLR you just bought as an authority article that you’re quoting.

Readers love to see fresh content and opinions – and they want to follow leaders who are on the cutting edge – always out there finding information for them.

So let’s take that guide to pain management short report again. What I recommend that you do is go through each section (or article if you downloaded articles) and use it as if it was an article on a hardcore news site and you had permission to quote the whole thing instead of just a snippet, which is how curation usually works.

I personally would go through in paragraphs or sections. So for instance, let’s reuse that paragraph we used earlier. I might have a blog post titled: “What’s the Best Way to Cure Headache Pain?”

Then I would start with an introduction – maybe about my experience with headaches, or how prevalent they are and how everyone just throws pain killers at them.

Then I would say something like this:

I saw an article recently that advocated a better approach than numbing the pain. It made a lot of sense – because unless you go after the root cause, you’ll still be suffering. Here’s what it said:

“The first thing you want to do is see what’s causing your headache pain. Is it stress? Your nutrition? Do you only get it after physical exertion, or when you fail to get a good night’s sleep? You might be able to manage your pain simply by making lifestyle changes.”

How many of you have actually done this? I can admit I haven’t. It’s much easier to reach for an Advil than it is to use the process of elimination to weed out the cause of my headaches. The article went on to say…

(And then you quote again, and add commentary about it before or after again).

5. Piece Together a Full Content

Normally, I see a lot of PLR buyers purchasing one item for one thing. It’s as if they only know of PLR as articles or as opt in reports. But you can piece together an entire content funnel using nothing but PLR!

People normally go to one PLR site and see a set of 10 articles on their topic. Nothing more. They already had articles from another PLR provider, so they were looking for a short report to use as an opt in form freebie.

Just take THIS 10-pack of articles you find and turn it into your report. Or if one seller has an eBook, but no email autoresponders and that’s what you need, but can’t find – break that eBook up!

You can find PLR for everything, including:

  • Blog content
  • Article directories
  • Social media posts
  • Sales copy
  • eBooks
  • Viral reports
  • Opt in reports
  • Email autoresponders
  • Bonus reports
  • Forum posts
  • Upsells, downsells, OTOs…you name it.

It’s all out there – it just may not be named for that exact cause. So before you start shopping, sit down with your niche topic and brainstorm, “What do I need content for?”

Maybe you need ALL content. Or maybe you love writing sales copy (you might be crazy, but smart), so you don’t need sales copy, but need everything else.

Once you have a list, start shopping at top PLR sites and see what they have in that niche.

Piece it together and have a full set up ready to go.